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Step 6: Silence of the heart

If the tongue is mute, the senses are calm, if the imagination, the memory and creatures are silent and they establish solitude, if not around, at least in the most intimate part of this soul who is the spouse of Christ, the heart will also make little noise.

Silence of affections, of antipathies, silence of desires which are too ardent; silence of a zeal which is indiscrete, silence of exaggerated fervour; silence even of sighs! … Silence of love in what she has that is exalted, not of that holy exultation of which God is the Author, but of that in which human nature is mingled!

Silence of love and love in silence.

It is silence before God, beauty, goodness, perfection.

Silence that has nothing awkward about it, nothing forced: such silence does not harm the silence of humility, as the beat of the Angel’s wings, of which the prophet speaks, does not harm the silence of their obedience, as the fiat does not harm the silence of Gethsemane, as the eternal Sanctus does not harm the silence of the Seraphim! … A heart in silence is a virgin heart, it is a melody for the Heart of God! The lamp is consumed without noise before the Tabernacle and incense rises in silence to the Throne of the Saviour, such is the silence of love!

Such is the silence of love!

In the preceding degrees, silence is still the lament of the earth; in this one the soul, due to its purity, begins to learn the first note of that sacred canticle which is the canticle of Heaven.

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– From: The Twelve Degrees of Silence, Supplemento am.n.2/2008 di “De Vita Contemplativa”



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