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Have you not sometimes, before the Blessed Sacrament, heard a sweet, penetrating voice murmur softly to your heart, Jesus is there?

Jesus is there!

Oh! how different these words make everything appear. The tabernacle disappears before our gaze, the consecrated Host loses what the Church calls the appearance, and allows me to see the reality – which is Jesus.

Jesus is there!

It is really He, such as my heart represents Him to itself in the days of mortal life; it is He, kind, merciful, and compassionate… He speaks to me at this hour as He spoke to the apostles who stood around Him.

I listen:

– “Thou art very agitated and uneasy, poor soul!”

– “But, Lord, thou dost permit events to occur which fill the entire world with uneasiness and terror; my life and the lives of those that I love are threatened; my future and my position are ruined; I am left in abandonment, isolation, poverty, and perhaps misery… How can I feel otherwise than anxious and desolate?”

– “Thou dost forget, then, my child, that I am thy Father, that I wish thee to be with me for all eternity, and it is for eternity that I prepare thy soul.

Oh! if thou couldn’t see thy soul as I see it. Oh! if thou didst know how its sojourn on earth has sullied it.

It has abandoned itself to affections which have left upon it shameful stains, like the marks of diseases which disfigure the body.

It has nourished passions which have inflamed its desires, and given it the aspect of a body in which the blood is vitiated.

It still has habits which have surrounded it with illusions, and caused it to believe that it was at peace, because it experienced a certain devotional calm.

Oh! if thou couldst see it as I see it, my poor child, thou wouldst say, holding forth thy hands to me and weeping: Cure me.

Well, it is to cure thee that I send sorrow. Sorrow under some form is the only remedy which my providence judges worthy of my justice.”

– “I understand, oh! my Father; an expiation is necessary in order to destroy the evil, burn the wound, and pluck up the deeply-rooted vice… but that which thou sendest upon me is very hard to bear.”

– “It is only hard to bear because it is unusual, because it surprises thee, and because thou hast not thought of having recourse to me.

If, from the first moment, thou hadst known how to raise thy thoughts to my providence; if thou hadst come here to visit me, saying: Thy will be done – the words which strengthened me in the Garden of Olives – oh! how calm thou wouldst have remained, continuing thy daily life in peace.

Listen, my child, if I permit thy possessions to be consumed by fire; a dreadful disease to carry off thy loved ones; long and acute suffering before thy eyes: what wouldst thou do?”

– “Oh Lord! I would weep; I would resign myself and wait.”

– “Then, my child, weep, resign thyself, and wait. I am a Father; dost thou not believe that my loving heart will put an end to misfortune when it is no longer necessary?

Dost thou not believe that when I see thee submissive and faithful, I will give thee something as compensation.

If I take wealth from thee, I will give thee a contended mind, which is satisfied with little.

If I permit thy loved ones to die, I will give thee the assurance that they are in heaven, and I will come soon to bring thee to them.

If I take from thee all support, I will give peace to thy soul, and cause thee to feel my presence more intimately, even as thou dost at this moment… Art thou satisfied?”

– “Yes, Lord, I am; thy will be done, thy will be done, thy will be done…”

Then there was silence… and my soul, filled with strength hitherto unknown, continued to hear the sweet, penetrating voice which continued softly to murmur: Jesus is there.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889


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