05 May

Saint Paul established all his happiness in the love of the Heart of Jesus. With this love, he regarded himself as the happiest man in the world. He would not have sacrificed it to become like to the angels; he would have preferred to be regarded as the last and vilest of men, while loving Jesus Christ, than to be raised above the highest and most illustrious, on condition of ceasing to love Him.

The love of Jesus over and above everything else

The privation of the love of Jesus Christ was the greatest torment which he could have suffered. For him it was hell, an unequalled pain, an unspeakable torture. As this love was his life, his world, his kingdom, his honour, his pleasure, his all, so with this love, nothing in life seemed to him disagreeable; everything was sweet. He thought no more of treasures than of a handful of clay, or of great ones of earth than of the lowest insect. He regarded torments and death as trifles, provided he suffered for Jesus Christ.

– Laverty & Sons, 1905

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