07 May

God is in charge.

No one can do you harm if God does not will it; and if He wills it for something good, be calm and patient; weep if your heart aches, but continue to love and wait; the trial will pass away, but God will remain with you always.

If you but knew what it is to pray.

If you but knew what it is to pray. If God would but grant you the grace to love prayer. How calm would be your soul and how loving your heart! What a sweet and peaceful joy would shine in your countenance, even amid tears!

“Behold, I am here. You have called me.”

To pray is, by a cry which, escaping from the lips of the heart, to make known to God that we wish to speak to Him; God is always so good that He is always disposed to listen to us, and – we dare scarcely say it – to answer with the punctual exactness of a faithful servant this first cry of prayer. He manifests Himself to the soul with an ineffable love, saying: Behold, I am here. You have called me; what do you wish for?

Consulting with God.

To pray is to remain during the time of prayer in the company of God, as if visiting Him, feeling certain that we never weary Him, no matter what the subject is of which we speak, or the requests which we make, even though we might say nothing to Him, but, after the example of the good peasant mentioned by the holy curate of Ars, are simply contented to consult with God, and be advised by Him.

The key of all heavenly treasures.

To pray is to hold in our hand the key of all heavenly treasures; it is to penetrate into the centre of joy, strength, mercy, and Divine Goodness; it is to saturate our entire being with that joy, that mercy, that goodness, and to bear them away with us, as the sponge plunged in the streams at once becomes filled with the water which surrounds it.

– From: Golden Grains, M. H. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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