09 May

A good thought spread about is an angel who goes, in the name and to the profit of him who sends it, to do good in all places to which it has the mission to penetrate.

You desire to accomplish some work of mercy, which are so sweet to the soul and so meritorious for heaven – to give alms, for example… But you are too poor: Send forth a good thought which will simply tell of the happiness of giving, and, guided by Providence, it will penetrate into the soul of some person, who, being moved, will give largely out of his abundance. God will then have two people to reward – the one who gave and the one who inspired him to give.

You wish to visit prisoners [Mt 25:33-46] and the sick, to console those who weep, to speak of God to little children who do not know him… but your duty keeps you within the narrow precincts of a cell, a room, or a family: Send a good thought which will tell of God’s goodness, which will speak of the happiness and the merit of suffering, and will show how, it is followed by the sweet repose of Paradise… This thought will give birth to hope, to a smile, to some act of love… and God will be indebted to you for regaining to Himself a soul that perhaps had forgotten him

“That which reassures me against the judgment of God,” said a devout person on the point of death, “is the good books and pious pamphlets which I have distributed during my earthly life; it seems to me that each good thought to which they have given birth will plead as an advocate for me before God.’

Unknown friends, whom the reading of Golden Grains unites spiritually by prayer and zeal, let us sow good thoughts, in order that we may reap merits! [Mt 6:19-21]

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, M. H. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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