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On Matthew 11:25-30 (previous post)

“Come to me, all you who labour.” And why do we all labour if it be not because we are all mortal men, frail and weak, bearing earthen vessels that distress one another for straitness? Yet, when the vessel of the flesh is straitened, let the open expanse of charity spread abroad.

Why then does he say, ‘Come to me, all you who labour, ” unless it means that you shall not labour? It is indeed clear that such is his promise; for since he calls those who labour, they will perchance ask, to what reward they are called. “And I will refresh you,” he says. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me,” not how to make the world, not to create all things visible and invisible, not how to work wonders in this world and raise the dead, but: “Because I am meek and humble of heart.”

Do you desire to be great? Begin first by being the least. Do you think to raise a mighty building of great height? Think first of the lowness of the foundation. And however great a mass of building anyone may wish and design to erect, the higher he intends to raise it, the deeper he digs his foundation. And as the structure is built up, it rises heavenward; but he that digs the foundation, must dig down very low. The building, therefore, must be low before it is high, and the roof is erected only after a lowly beginning.

What is the roof of the building which we are raising? How high will its peak reach? I answer you at once: “Even to the very sight of God.” You see how high, how great a thing it is to behold God. He who desires it, will understand both what I say and what he hears. The sight of God is promised to us, the very God, God most High. This indeed is good, to see him who sees. For those that worship false gods can easily see them; but they see idols, who have eyes and see not. But to us is promised the vision of the living and the seeing God.

– St Augustine, Sermon 10 on the Words of the Lord, from: An Approved English Translation of the Breviarium Romanum, Burns & Oates, London, 1964

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