01 Mar

Let us go to Saint Joseph, let us beg him to help us on the difficult road of this life.
He, like ourselves, has travelled there.
He, like us, has suffered there.
Born in lowly circumstances, although of a royal family, he earned his daily bread by rough toil.

How many humiliations he endured!
How much anxiety and trouble!
When, chosen by God, he had to watch over Jesus and Mary, and to provide for them.
He knew the miseries of life, the moments when courage abandons us, when all is dark around us.

Let us have recourse to Saint Joseph, and ask him for resignation.
Let us go to him, for he loves us.
He loves us because we belong to Jesus and Mary. Their affections have become his.
Let us ask him to love us as he loved Jesus and Mary, and to obtain for us that we may love them as he loved them. O Joseph, who had the incomparable honour of watching over Jesus, and of providing for Him by your labours,
Speak to Him for us.
He loves you.
He remembers your tenderness.
Lead us to this Saviour, so dearly loved.
And when the last hour shall have arrived, present us to Him, that we may see Him and love Him for eternity.
– Laverty&Sons (Eds.), Leeds, 1905


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