09 Oct

O Eucharistic Heart, O Sovereign love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hast instituted the august Sacrament in order to dwell here below in our midst, in order to give to our souls thy Flesh as food, and thy Blood as drink; we believe firmly, Lord Jesus, in that supreme Love which has caused thee to institute the Most Holy Eucharist.

Here before this Victim, it is just that we should adore this Love, that we should acknowledge and exalt it as the life-giving centre of thy Church. This Love urges us to approach thee. Thou seemest to say to us: “Behold how I love you! In giving you My Flesh to eat and My Blood to drink, I desire by this close relation to awaken your love and to unite you to Myself. I wish to effect the transformation of your souls into that of your crucified Saviour, Who is the Bread of eternal life. Give me then your hearts, have life by living in Me, and you will live in God.”

We recognise, O Lord, that such is the call of thine Eucharistic Heart. We thank thee, and we are ready – yes, we will respond to it. Grant us the grace that we may be fully penetrated with thy sovereign Love, by which, on the eve of thy Passion, thou didst invite us to partake and to eat of thy Sacred Body. Imprint deeply in our inmost souls the firm resolve to respond faithfully to this invitation. Grant us the devotion and reverence necessary to honour and receive worthily the gift of thine Eucharistic Heart, bestowed as a last mark of thy Love.

May we thus be enabled by thy grace to celebrate effectually the remembrance of thy Passion, to repair our offences and coldness, to nourish and increase our love for thee, and to keep for ever alive in our hearts the seed of a blessed immortality. Amen.

[Three hundred days Indulgence every time when recited before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. A Plenary Indulgence if recited once a day for an entire month, together with at least half an hour spent in adoration once a week before the Blessed Sacrament under the usual condition of Confession and Communion. These Indulgences are applicable to the souls in Purgatory. (Rescript June, 1902.)]

– From: St Anthony’s Treasury, 1916


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