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Ruler of the dread immense!

Maker of this mighty frame!

Whose eternal providence

Guides it, as from thee it came;


Low before thy throne we bend;

Hear our supplicating cries;

And thy light celestial send

With the freshly dawning skies.


King of kings, and Lord most High!

This of thy dear love we pray:

May the Guardian Angel nigh,

Keep us from all sin this day.


May he crush the deadly wiles

Of the envious serpent’s art,

Ever spreading cunning toils

Round about the thoughtless heart.


May he scatter ruthless war

Ere to this our land it come;

Plague and famine drive away,

Fix securely peace at home.


Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One eternal Trinity!

Guard by thy Angelic host

Us who put our trust in thee.


– From: An Approved English Translation of the Breviarium Romanum, Burns & Oates, London, 1964

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1. Lift up your heads, O mighty gates;

behold the King of glory waits!

The King of kings is drawing near;

the Saviour of the world is here.


2. O blest the land, the city blest,

where Christ the ruler is confest!

O happy hearts and happy homes

to whom this king of triumph comes!


3. Fling wide the portals of your heart;

make it a temple, set apart

from earthly use for heav’n’s employ,

adorned with prayer and love and joy.


4. Come, Saviour, come with us abide;

our hearts to you we open wide:

your Holy Spirit guide us on,

until your glorious goal is won.


– tr. Catherine Winkworth

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O what their joy and their glory must be,

Those endless Sabbaths the bless-ed ones see!

Crown for the valiant; to weary ones rest;

God shall be all, and in all ever blest.


What are the Monarch, his court, and his throne?

What are the peace and the joy that they own?

Tell us, ye blest ones, that in it have share,

If what ye feel ye can fully declare.


Truly Jerusalem name we that shore,

‘Vision of peace,’ that brings joy evermore!

Wish and fulfilment can severed be ne’er,

Nor the thing prayed for come short of the prayer.


We, where no trouble distraction can bring,

Safely the anthems of Sion shall sing;

While for thy grace, Lord, their voices of praise

Thy bless-ed people shall evermore raise.


There dawns no Sabbath, no Sabbath is o’er,

Those Sabbath-keepers have one and no more;

One and unending is that triumph-song

Which to the Angels and us shall belong.


Now, in the meanwhile, with hearts raised on high,

We for that country must yearn and must sigh,

Seeking Jerusalem, dear native land,

Through our long exile on Babylon’s strand.


Low before him with our praises we fall,

Of whom, and in whom, and through whom are all;

Of whom, the Father; and through whom, the Son;

In whom, the Spirit, with these ever One.


– O quanta qualia sunt illa Sabbata,

P. Abelard, 1079-1142. Tr. J. M. Neale



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Christ is our corner-stone,

On him alone we build;

With his true saints alone

The courts of heav’n are filled:

On his great love

Our hopes we place

Of present grace

And joys above.


O then with hymns of praise

These hallowed courts shall ring;

Our voices we will raise

The Three in One to sing;

And thus proclaim

In joyful song,

Both loud and long,

That glorious name.


Here, gracious God, do thou

For evermore draw nigh;

Accept each faithful vow,

And mark each suppliant sigh;

In copious shower

On all who pray

Each holy day

Thy blessings pour.


Here may we gain from heav’n

The grace which we implore;

And may that grace, once given,

Be with us evermore,

Until that day

When all the blest

To endless rest

Are called away.

– J. Chandler, 1806-76

based on Angularis fundamentum

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Adoro the devote

Thee we adore, O hidden Saviour, thee.

Who in thy Sacrament art pleased to be;

Both flesh and spirit in thy presence fail,

Yet here thy Presence we devoutly hail.

O blest Memorial of our dying Lord,

Who living Bread to men doth here afford!

O may our souls for ever feed on thee,

And thou, O Christ, for ever precious be.

Fountain of goodness, Jesu, Lord and God,

Cleanse us, unclean, with thy most cleansing Blood;

Increase our faith and love, that we may know

The hope and peace which from thy Presence flow.

O Christ, whom now beneath a veil we see,

May what we thirst for soon our portion be,

To gaze on thee unveiled, and see thy face,

The vision of thy glory and thy grace.

– St Thomas Aquinas, 1227-74

Tr. Bishop J. R. Woodford


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Faith of our fathers
Faith of our fathers!
Living still in spite of dungeon, fire and sword;
Oh, how our hearts beat high with joy
When’er we hear that glorious word!

Faith of our fathers! Holy Faith
We will be true to thee till death,
We will be true to thee till death.

Our fathers, chained in prisons dark,
Were still in heart and conscience free;
How sweet would be their children’s fate,
If they, like them could die for thee.

Faith of our fathers, Mary’s prayers,
Shall win our country back to thee.
And though the truth that comes from God
Our Land shall then indeed be free.

Faith of our fathers, we will love
Both friend and foe in all our strive,
And preach thee too, as love knows how,
By kindly words and virtuous life.

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1. Bring flowers of the rarest,
bring blossoms the fairest,
from garden and woodland
and hillside and dale;
our hearts are swelling,
our glad voices telling
the praise of the loveliest
flower of the vale.

O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May. (2)

2. Their lady they name thee,
their mistress proclaim thee.
Oh, grant that thy children
on earth be as true,
as long as the bowers
are radiant with flowers
as long as the azure
shall keep its bright blue.

3. Sing gaily in chorus,
the bright angels o’er us
re-echo the strains
we begin upon earth;
their harps are repeating
the notes of our greeting,
for Mary herself is
the cause of our minds.