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Visit, O Lord, we beseech You this home;
and drive far from it all snares of the enemy.
Let Your holy angels dwell herein to preserve us in peace,
and may Your blessing be always upon us
through Christ our Lord. Amen.
May the divine assistance remain always with us.
And may the souls of the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.



By Fr Hugh S. Thwaites

“In my work of going round visiting homes I have seen this conclusion born out time and time again. Homes can be transformed by starting the recitation of the daily rosary. I remember a woman telling me that she could not thank me enough for having nagged her into starting it; it had united her family as never before.
And I remember another home where I called. There was a strange tension there: the children were silent and the wife seemed withdrawn, but the husband was willing to start the family rosary. When I called back again a couple of months later, the atmosphere was quite different. The children were chatty and the wife was friendly, and the husband walked down the road with me afterwards and said how amazing it was that the home was so much happier.

One reason, I think, why the daily rosary makes for a happy home, is this. From what some possessed people have said, and from what of the saints have said, it seems certain that demons fear the rosary. It makes their hair stand on end, so to speak. Holy water certainly drives them out, but they come back again. The daily rosary drives them out and keeps them out. It is rather like living in an old house where there are mice everywhere. The only way to get rid of them is to bring in cats. If you get a couple of cats, after a week or two there simply will not be any more mice. Mice fear the very smell of cats. And in a home where the rosary is said every day, after a time the demons realise they are impotent in front of Our Lady, and go elsewhere.

This must be one reason why, as they say, “the family that prays together stays together.” In that home, utterly free of evil spirits, there is an atmosphere one does not find outside. In a demon-infested city like London, where I live, such a home is an oasis of God’s grace, and the children find a comfort and peace there which they enjoy greatly. We human beings are not meant to live in the company of demons, but with God and with the angels and saints in heaven.
So, as I see it, in this effort we are making to keep the faith and pass it on, the practice of the rosary is absolutely indispensable. Whatever else people may do, even though they go to Mass every day, they still need to say the rosary in their home. It is the medicine our Mother has told us to take, to keep our faith strong and healthy.”



By Fr Hugh S. Thwaites

“It seems to me that a principal cause of the loss of faith is the dropping off in the practice of the family rosary.
In Austria, after World War II, there was a complete collapse of vocations. One year, apparently, no one at all entered the seminaries. So the bishops held a synod, to find out how it could be that this had happened. The conclusion they reached was that the war had so disrupted family life that the centuries-old practice of the rosary in the home had stopped, and had just not started up again. This is my experience, too; when the rosary goes, the faith soon collapses.

I remember someone telling me of a friend of his, a great Catholic, the pillar of the parish, whose children had all lapsed, one after the other. They had all fallen away from the sacraments and from attending Mass. So I said to him, “I wouldn’t mind betting that your friend had been brought up to recite the family rosary when he was a boy, and that his children haven’t.” The next time I saw him, he said that this was indeed true. His friend had recited the family rosary at home when he was a boy, and when he had got married and started his own family they had all said the rosary. But then, one evening when they were about to start the rosary, one of the children switched on the television, and that was that. The custom of the family rosary was dropped and in due course the children gave up the practice of the faith.

On the day of Judgement that one unrebuked action will be seen to have affected the eternity of many people. God sent His Mother to Fatima to tell us that we had to say the rosary every day. There were no other prayers She asked us to say. Accordingly, we should do what She asked…
In that most holy home at Nazareth, do you think that Our Lady had to ask for anything twice? If we want in any way to be like Jesus, we must do what His Mother asks. If we do not, can we expect things to go right? We cannot with impunity disobey the Mother of God. She knows better than we the dangers of this spiritual warfare. She sees more clearly than we do the dangers that beset us. She warns us: You must pray the rosary every day.

If the garage mechanic warns you that your car needs repairing or else it will break down, surely you would heed that warning. If the petrol gauge warns you that you need more petrol, do you do nothing about it? A friend of mine ran out of petrol halfway through the Blackwall tunnel. His wife told me it was quite an experience. But I am sure that ever since then he has kept a careful eye on his petrol gauge.

So if Our Blessed Lady comes to Fatima and tells us, not just once, but six times, that we must say the rosary every day, do we disregard that warning? If we do, then we have only ourselves to blame when we find that our children have lapsed from the faith…
So I think that the abandonment of the family rosary is a main reason why so many Catholics have lost the faith. It seems to me that the Church of the future is going to consist solely of those families who have been faithful to the rosary. But there will be vast numbers of people whose families used to be Catholic.”



Lord, You have chosen us to found a Christian home. Help us to prepare well to receive You worthily in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Help us to understand our great vocation.

Help us in our efforts to know one another and to correct our defects in order to be happier.

Help us to prepare together a solid, warm home where everyone will find love and peace.

Help us to fulfil Your will, to equally accept the joys and sorrows of our future life.

Safeguard our promises until Your blessing gives us to one another forever.



May no family begin by accident.
May no family end because it lacks love.
May all couples live for one another body and soul.
May nothing in the world separate the couple that has a dream.

May no family live in a makeshift shelter.
May no one interfere in the home and life of a married couple.
May no one force them to live without hope.
May they live yesterday, today and in function of tomorrow.

May the family begin and end knowing where it is going.
And may the husband carry the grace of a father on his shoulders.
May the wife be a heaven of tenderness, cordiality and warmth.
And may the children know the strength that comes from love.

Bless, Lord, the families, amen!
Bless, Lord, my family, too!

May man and woman have the strength to love without counting the cost.
May no one go to sleep without asking or giving pardon.
May children begin in the cradle to learn the meaning of life.
May the family celebrate sharing in caring and breaking bread.

May husbands and wives be faithful to one another and to their children.
May jealousy not destroy the certainty of love between the couple.
May the star in their heavens that shines the most be their determined hope in heaven here and now, and afterwards. Amen.
– Fr Zezinho, SCJ




At the age of twenty, Agatha Yi Kan-nan, the daughter of a pagan Korean family, lost her husband only two years after her wedding. Soon afterwards, the young widow learned of the Catholic faith. Refusing to remarry, she asked her mother to find for her a Catholic to instruct her in the faith. Having arranged for a Catholic relative to teach her daughter, Agatha’s mother decided to become a Catholic also, as did Agatha’s brother.
Agatha’s father, however, angered by the conversion of his family, punished Agatha by ordering her to live with her deceased husband’s family. These relatives, touched by Agatha’s gentle disposition, came to admire her to the point that one sister-in-law also became Catholic.
Agatha ultimately bought a home of her own. She was known to be deeply devout, mortifying herself with frequent fasting. Her fellow Catholics revered her for her exceptional chastity, deeming her ‘as clear as a mirror and as pure as snow’. On July 10, 1846, Agatha was arrested for her faith by agents of Korea’s pagan regime. After being repeatedly tortured, the thrity-three-year old widow was put to death on September 20, 1846.

Glorious St Agatha, deeply inspired by your unshakeable faith, we ask you humbly to intercede for us, that, by means of your prayers and your example, we may strive to live with gentleness, purity and perseverance in faith. Dear St Agatha, grant also your help to widows and widowers; teach them how to cope with their loss and make use of their time in the service of God, neighbour and Holy Church.



(This prayer is recited over nine consecutive days.)

Dear St Martin, you were rejected and abandoned by your father. We pray for all those who experience the same situation and for all those who are rejected for not meeting their family’s expectations in some way. May they be reconciled, as you were finally reconciled with your own father. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, as a child your mother was your only parent. We pray for all single parent families, and ask you that you help them in the particular difficulties that they face. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, you grew up poor but you always gave to those who had even less. We ask you to help us to become generous with our goods and our time, never feeling that we have nothing to offer. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, when you were eight your father reappeared and whisked you off to a prosperous life in another country before sending you back to the life you had before. We pray for all those whose family life is insecure and disrupted. May they experience, as you did, that God is their security. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, you lived alone working to support yourself from a very young age. We pray for all children who have adult responsibilities; for all children who support their families; and for all children who are carers for their parents. Intercede for them that they may receive the help they need. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, you were rejected because of your colour. We pray for all those who suffer discrimination of any kind. May all in authority deal with everyone justly, and may we treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, you were not ashamed to do the most menial of jobs. You were even cleaning lavatories, without a murmur. May we too learn humility and come to see that all work can be holy. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, you were known for your love of animals. Help us to love and respect all God’s creation. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Dear St Martin, you had great medical skill and love for other people. We pray for all who are involved in caring for the sick. May they share something of your compassion and your skill. We pray especially for (mention your request).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be