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Holy Guardian Angel, you were given to me at the beginning of my life as a protector and companion. Poor sinner that I am, I, (name) want to consecrate myself to you today in the presence of my Lord and God, Mary, my Celestial Mother, and all the angels and saints.
I want to unite myself to you today and never more be separated from you.

United intimately with you, I promise to be faithful and obedient to my Lord and God and the holy Church.
I promise to always proclaim Mary as my Queen and Mother and to make her life be a model for mine.

I promise to proclaim my faith in you, my holy protector, and zealously promote the devotion to the holy angels as being, in a special way, protection and help during this time of spiritual struggle for the Kingdom of God.

I ask you, holy Angel of the Lord, all the strength of divine love so that I may be inflamed by it; I ask that my union with you may be for me a protecting shield against the enemy’s assaults.


Finally, I ask you, my holy Guardian Angel, for the most holy Virgin’s grace of humility to preserve me from all dangers so that guided by you I may reach the Heavenly Homeland.


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Lord, have mercy on us. – LORD, HAVE MERCY ON US.
Jesus Christ, have mercy on us. – JESUS CHRIST, HAVE MERCY ON US.
Lord, have mercy on us. – LORD, HAVE MERCY ON US.
Jesus Christ, hear us. – JESUS CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

God the Heavenly Father, – HAVE MERCY ON US!
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, – HAVE MERCY ON US!
God the Holy Spirit, – HAVE MERCY ON US!
Most Holy Trinity, only one God, – HAVE MERCY ON US!

Holy Mary, – PRAY FOR US. (Repeat after each line.)
Queen of the angels,
All the choruses of the blessed spirits,
Holy Seraphim, angels of love,
Holy Cherubim, angels of the Word,
Holy Thrones, angels of life,
Holy Angels of adoration,
Holy Dominions,
Holy Powers,
Holy Princedoms,
Holy Virtues,

St Michael the Archangel, victor of Lucifer,
Angel of faith and humility,
Angel of holy unction,
Patron of the dying,
Prince of the heavenly hosts,
Companion of deceased souls,

St Gabriel the Archangel, angel of the Incarnation,
God’s faithful messenger,
Angel of hope and peace,
Protector of all of God’s servants,
Guardian of holy Baptism,
Patron of Priests,

St Raphael the Archangel,
Angel of divine love,
Dominator of the malignant spirit,
Help in cases of need,
Angel of pain and healing,
Patron of doctors, travellers and pilgrims,

All the holy Archangels,
Angels serving before God’s throne,
Angels at the service of humanity,
Holy Guardian Angels,
Helpers in our needs,
Light in our darkness,
Help in all dangers,
Admonishers of our conscience,
Intercessors before God’s throne,
Defenders against the enemy,
Our constant companions,
Our safe guides,
Our most faithful friends,
Our prudent counsellors,
Our model of obedience,
Consolation in abandonment,
Angels of our families,
Angels of our priests and religious,
Angels of our children,
Angels of our Land and Country,
Angels of the holy Church, – PRAY FOR US.

All you holy angels, help us during our life and aid us at the hour of our death, and we will thank you in heaven.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, – FORGIVE US, LORD.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, – HEAR US, LORD.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, – HAVE MERCY ON US.

V. God sent His angels,
R. To guard you in all your paths.

Let us pray:
Almighty and eternal God, grant us the aid of Your angels and heavenly hosts so that through them we may be saved from the attacks of Satan. And, freed of all dangers through the precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, may we be able to serve You in peace. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who with You and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns for ever and ever.

St Michael the Archangel, protect us in the fight;
Cover us with your shield against the falsehood and snares of the devil. Instantly subject them to God; as the Prince of the heavenly host by the divine power, cast into hell Satan and the other malignant spirits who roam the world for the perdition of souls.

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O holy Angel, to whom the mercy of Our Father in Heaven has confided me here on earth, may I never forget the gratitude I owe thee for thy unfailing goodness, the confidence inspired by thy generous protection, the respect due to thy holy presence!

O constant witness of my daily actions, may I never sadden thy sight! Angel of peace, may I never cause thee to weep bitter tears over me!

O my celestial guide, I wish to invoke thee at all times! In affliction thou wilt dry my tears; in danger thou wilt bear me on thy wings; in temptation thou wilt preserve my innocence; in my falls thou wilt inspire me with repentance; finally, at my last hour, thou wilt console me in my sorrows and introduce me into the eternal tabernacles.


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How to attain a happy home and a content family

The Angel of Gratitude

This is perhaps the most beloved of the Angels of the Fireside, because he unceasingly reminds us of our kindness to others. Nothing is so sweet as to feel that we are kind.

But it must be confessed, alas! that the angel of gratitude – that angel who, either as a child, friend, brother, sister, or companion, repeatedly makes us know that we are kind and generous – is not often to be found.

Unconditional appreciation and kindness

To merit this name it is not sufficient to manifest the gratitude of our hearts on particular occasions, such as when we receive a benefit, or on some feast or anniversary; on the contrary, this sentiment should so fill our hearts as to flood over all our faculties and senses.

Whenever we are in the presence of a benefactor, or in conversation with him, the smile on our lips and the gentleness of our words must let him see that “we are happy near him, because he is so kind.”

When we seek to give him pleasure, or to lavish attention upon him which we think he requires, our manner must say to him: “I do it all to remind you how kind you are.”

Finally, our repeated attentions, without being obtrusive, and our services, without being troublesome, must say to him: “I can never be as kind as you are.”

Oh! is it not true that there is happiness in having near us a heart thus filled with gratitude?

It will never weary of us, nor we of it.

It will never cease to be devoted to us, and we will never cease our efforts to do it good.

It will make us know that we can always rely on it, and it understands that it can equally depend on us.

Such a heart is not a mere dream of the imagination; there are many such in families, in communities, and amongst friends… but they have not the courage to show themselves.

Do you, who read and love these pages, not feel that they make known your experiences, and relate only what you yourself would wish to do for some people near you, and to whom you owe very much?

Why, then, do you not do it?

Why do you gradually permit to depart from you that desire to be grateful which God has been pleased to give you, and of which he will demand an account?

A grateful heart is a privileged grace.

The absence of this virtue, says Father Faber, is a grave fault, and certainly does not prove the holiness of him who is devoid of it.

Show me a person who retains for a long time the remembrance of some trifling favour, who seems never able to pay the debts which he thinks his heart owes, who exaggerates his obligations to others, who estimates them at twenty times their value; … in my opinion that person is infinitely more likely to become a saint than if he were raised in ecstasy during prayer.

Then prove yourselves grateful. Gratitude attracts new favours, too, and this sweet interchange of treasures between hearts softens them, opens them to grace, frees them from little antipathies, mean jealousies, petty rivalries – all of which are to the family what thorns are to the rose.

Prove yourselves grateful. It is impossible for a grateful heart ever to become a wicked heart.

– From: Golden Grains, A Collection of Little Counsels for the Sanctification and Happiness of Every-Day Life, H.M.Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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A good thought spread about is an angel who goes, in the name and to the profit of him who sends it, to do good in all places to which it has the mission to penetrate.

You desire to accomplish some work of mercy, which are so sweet to the soul and so meritorious for heaven – to give alms, for example… But you are too poor: Send forth a good thought which will simply tell of the happiness of giving, and, guided by Providence, it will penetrate into the soul of some person, who, being moved, will give largely out of his abundance. God will then have two people to reward – the one who gave and the one who inspired him to give.

You wish to visit prisoners [Mt 25:33-46] and the sick, to console those who weep, to speak of God to little children who do not know him… but your duty keeps you within the narrow precincts of a cell, a room, or a family: Send a good thought which will tell of God’s goodness, which will speak of the happiness and the merit of suffering, and will show how, it is followed by the sweet repose of Paradise… This thought will give birth to hope, to a smile, to some act of love… and God will be indebted to you for regaining to Himself a soul that perhaps had forgotten him

“That which reassures me against the judgment of God,” said a devout person on the point of death, “is the good books and pious pamphlets which I have distributed during my earthly life; it seems to me that each good thought to which they have given birth will plead as an advocate for me before God.’

Unknown friends, whom the reading of Golden Grains unites spiritually by prayer and zeal, let us sow good thoughts, in order that we may reap merits! [Mt 6:19-21]

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, M. H. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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How to attain a happy home and a content family

The Angel of Small Sacrifices

Have you never seen her at work? Have you never, at least, felt her influence?

In every Christian family, and in all pious communities, God has placed the Angel of Small Sacrifices, in order to be the image of his Providence in the household. Her duty is to remove all thorns, to lighten all burdens, and to share all fatigues.

She has for her motto these gracious words: God makes no noise, because noise effects no good.

Thus she is like a ray of sunlight, lightning, warming, giving life to all, but inconveniencing no one.

We feel that she is near us, because we no longer experience those misunderstandings which we formerly met with, those rancorous thoughts, those deliberate coolnesses which make family life unhappy; because we no longer hear those harsh words which wound so deeply; because affectionate sentiments mount readily from the heart to the lips, and life becomes sweeter.

Who, then, has taken from us that self-love which would not yield; that egotism which had a place in the most sincere friendship; that self-indulgence, in short, which always sought for ease?

The Angel of Small Sacrifices has received from heaven the mission of those angels, of whom the prophet speaks, who removed the stones from the road, lest they might bruise the feet of travellers.

And that of the angels who, according to the simple legend of the early Christians, scattered rose-leaves beneath the feet of Jesus and Mary during their flight into Egypt…

But, like them, she is invisible; she does her work in secret.


The Angel of Small Sacrifices works in secret

If there is one place less commodious than another, she chooses it, saying, with a sweet smile, How comfortable I am here!

If there is some work to be done, she presents herself simply to perform it, with the joyous manner of one who finds her happiness in so doing.

If it is an object of trifling value, she deprives herself of it in order to give it to her who the evening before manifested a desire to possess a similar one.

How many oversights are repaired by this unknown hand!

How many neglected things are put in their places, without our ever seeing how they came there!

How many little joys are procured for others without their ever having mentioned to any one the happiness which they would give them!

Who has thus known how to do good in secret?

Who has thus known to divine the secrets of the heart?


Who has thus known to divine the secrets of the heart?

Should a dispute arise, she knows how to settle it by a pleasant word, which wounds no one, and falls upon the slight disturbance like a ray of sunlight upon a cloud.

Should she hear of two estranged hearts, she has always some means of reuniting them without their being able to show her any gratitude; she does everything sweetly, simply, and naturally.

But who can tell the thorns which have torn her hands, the pain which has racked her heart, the humiliations which her charity has borne?

And yet she is always smiling. Does sacrifice cause her joy?

Have you never seen the angel of small sacrifices at work? On earth she is called a mother, a friend, a sister, or a wife. In heaven she is called a saint.

– From: Golden Grains, Eighth Edition, H.M. Gill and Son, Dublin, 1889

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In her beautiful prayers in the Mass for the Dead, the Church with maternal solicitude places the souls of her departed children in the hands of St Michael, that he may lead them into the kingdom of everlasting light. If St Michael is so solicitous for the welfare of souls during their lifetime on earth and at the hour of death, we may be certain that he will also befriend them during their stay in Purgatory and will hasten to bring them consolation.

St Michael helps the Holy Souls in Purgatory

A Cistercian monk appeared to a priest friend soon after his death and told him he would be delivered from Purgatory if during Holy Mass the priest would recommend his soul to St Michael. The priest complied with this desire, and he, together with others who were present, had the consolation of seeing the soul of his friend taken to Heaven by the Archangel.

It is related that a certain priest, one day while offering the Holy Sacrifice for the dead, recommended some souls in a particular manner when pronouncing the words: “May the Prince of Angels, St Michael, lead them into the glory of Heaven.” At the same time he saw the glorious Archangel descend from Heaven into Purgatory to deliver those souls and to conduct them into Paradise.

St Michael conducted the Holy Souls into Paradise

“The prince of the heavenly militia,” says St Anselm, “is all-powerful in Purgatory, and he can assist the Poor Souls whom the justice and sanctity of the Almighty retain in this place of punishment.” “It is incontestably recognised since the foundation of Christianity,” declares St Robert Bellarmine, “that the souls of the Faithful Departed are delivered from Purgatory  through the intercession of St Michael the Archangel.” Let us add to these authorities the words of St Alphonsus Liguori: “St Michael has received the care of consoling and helping the souls in Purgatory.”

– From: ‘Neath St Michael’s Shield, Fifth Edition, 1962


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