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• “It is not the healthy who need a doctor. (Matthew 9:12)

• Prefer nothing whatsoever to the love of Christ. (St Bonaventure)

• Our world is full of many wants and needs. Today, in many countries people cry out for the bare necessities of life: food, fresh water, clothing, housing and opportunity. In others the cry goes up because of a crushing sense of loneliness, or an emptiness in the human heart or a lack of meaning and purpose in life. There is, within every person, a God-shaped hole which can only be filled by God. We, Jesus’ followers, are called to witness to Christ and his love. We need to be prepared to share with others why we have joy, hope and love in our hearts. How true it is that when we give to God we are generous towards others.

• Father, we pray for Europe that it would rediscover its Christian roots through a surge of new evangelisation. Raise up in us a courageous witness to the good, the true and the beautiful of the Gospel.

• Our Father…, Ten Hail Marys…, Glory be…

• Today my prayer is for… ”
– This meditation was published in “A Lenten Journey of Prayer for 2013” by AlivePublishing. For information about their booklets please visit (external link).


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