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[From the Bishop of Shrewsbury, Bishop Mark Davies]

“…The bishop also emphasised the importance of the personal call to holiness and listed practical ways of responding. He said: ‘Conversation is a definite step towards becoming a saint. Exhausted after a hard day’s work but willing to sit down with your children and listen patiently to them, this too can be a step towards holiness.

Making time for prayer each day even when we are tired: this is a sure step towards holiness. Being ready for Mass on Sunday, and at times making a good Confession,’ which ‘cleans us up’ Pope Francis says, these are vital steps towards holiness. He adds that thinking of Our Lady, the Pope says, ‘so good, so beautiful’ and taking up the rosary to pray, this is yet another step towards holiness.

Meeting someone in need, making time and being willing to help are real steps towards becoming the saint we are called to be.

In other words the call to holiness is not found up in the clouds or in our dreams. The call to become a saint is right in front of us every day!’

He concluded: ‘May Mary, who in Pope Francis’s words is ‘so good, so beautiful,’ help us recognise how in these apparently small things of each day is the path to our holiness, to our complete and everlasting happiness.'”

– This is an excerpt of the article “Bishop Davies gives faithful his tips for a holy life” by Madeleine Teahan, published in The Catholic Herald newspaper issue November 28 2014. For subscriptions please visit (external link).


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Challenges posed by opposing ideologies

[…] “The Bishop of Shrewsbury…the Rt. Rev. Mark Davies says that family life is in crisis from challenges posed by opposing ideologies.

Particularly, he says that these oppositions, including the acceptance of [practising] homosexuals into the Church, are hostile to the sanctity of human life and the truth of marriage.

‘Deceptive mercy’

Bishop Davies says: ‘It would be the ultimate failure in pastoral care or charity, to mislead people by encouraging them to remain in sin, or fail to call them to repentance and renewal.

‘Pope Francis describes this approach as ‘deceptive mercy’, a false mercy which bandages wounds but fails to heal them.’ …

Encouraging a ‘pagan world’

Bishop Davies … said acceptance of homosexuality would be encouraging a ‘pagan world’. He continues: ‘I want to dispel any misleading impression that the Church will abandon her witness in the face of hostile trends in public opinion or the destructive ideologies of our time.

The call for unwavering courage

‘The first Christians required courage to overcome and transform a vast, pagan world whose ideas about marriage and sexuality were not unlike those which prevail in our own culture.

‘Today we need this same, supernatural courage to live and give witness to all the Church believes and teaches about marriage, the family and human sexuality.’

Hostile trends in public opinion

He will also highlight that both Pope Francis and Cardinal Vincent Nichols have rejected wrongful assumptions that the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, held at the Vatican between 5th-19th October, could lead to changes in the constant teaching of the Church on marriage.

Bishop Davies quotes Pope Francis in explaining that the ‘pastoral response’ sought by the synod to the crisis of our time is primarily to find answers to the ‘many discouragements that surround and suffocate families’.

Pope St John Paul II and Blessed Paul VI

He will also suggest that the canonisation of Pope St John Paul II and the subsequent beatification of Blessed Paul VI represent fresh invitations to ‘look to the great inheritance of their teaching’ and expressed the hope that their courage and prayer will inspire us to seek a deeper understanding of what Christ and his Church teach about marriage, the family and human sexuality.”

– These are excerpts (headings in bold added afterwards) of an article published in the Catholic Universe on 7th November 2014. For subscriptions please visit http://www.the catholic [external link]



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