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Say on the medal – Spiritual Communion: “My Jesus, I believe that thou art present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love thee above all things. I desire to receive thee into my soul. Since I cannot now receive thee sacramentally, come, at least, spiritually into my heart. I embrace thee, and I unite myself entirely to thee, as if thou hadst already come; do not permit me to be ever separated from thee.” – St Liguori

Say on each bead (33):

“Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, have mercy on us.”

[The Holy Father has granted to the entire world an Indulgence of 300 days each time the above ejaculation is recited.] 

– St Anthony’s Treasury, 1916


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Composed of Five Tens in honour of the Five Wounds


On the Cross say: The “Anima Christi” or an “Our Father” and “Hail Mary”.

Say on each large bead:  

“Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto thine.”

[300 days’ Indulgence, each time.]

On the small beads:

“Sweet Heart of Jesus, be thou my love.”

[300 days’ Indulgence.]

At the end of the ten:

“Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation.”

[300 days’ Indulgence, each time.]


“O Lord Jesus, Who in the plenitude of thy mercy hast redeemed us by thy Precious Blood, grant to the souls of thy servants eternal rest. Amen.”

[These prayers are a treasury of Indulgences and require no special beads.] 

– From: St Anthony’s Treasury, 1916


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Consisting of four decades, in memory of the Forty Hours which Our Lord passed in Limbo.

Begin with the “De Profundis”or with an “Our Father”  and “Hail Mary”.   “

Say on the large beads the Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity. – “O my God, I believe in thee, because thou art Truth itself. Amen. I hope in thee, because thou art merciful. Amen. I love thee, because thou art good: and my neighbour as myself for love of thee. I am very sorry that I have sinned against thee, because thou art so good, and with thy grace, I will not sin again. Amen.”

On each small bead repeat: “Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation.” [300 days’ indulgence.]

End each decade with: “Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. [300 days, each time, applicable to the souls in Purgatory.]

[Numerous indulgences are granted for saying these prayers with or without Rosary beads.]

– St Anthony’s Treasury, 1916


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The Feast of Mercy is officially celebrated on the Sunday after Easter, as requested by our Lord.

The Feast should be preceded by a Novena of Chaplets to the Divine Mercy beginning on Good Friday.

The Sermon by the priest that day should be on Divine Mercy – that is the mercy which God the Father bestows on us through Jesus Christ His Son.

That we contemplate, on this day, the Mystery of Redemption as the greatest revelation of Divine Mercy towards us.

The Image of the Divine Mercy is to be ceremoniously blessed that day.

The Image is to be publicly venerated. The Image should be exposed to all taking part in the celebration (to demonstrate this, an Image could be left in a position that all can touch and say “Jesus I trust in You”). This can be carried out during the celebration like the kissing of the Cross on Good Friday or as people leave the Church, if numbers prevent it during the ceremony.

Confession and communion on the day. If confession is not available on the day it should be as close to the day as possible. St Faustina made it on the Saturday before the Feast. Communion, as always, should be a worthy one and must be accompanied by complete trust in Divine Mercy.

That an act of Mercy should take place in our lives, as part of our preparation for the feast. We should be merciful to others in our words, deeds and prayers:

Merciful Word: Forgiving and comforting
Merciful Deed: Any of the corporal works of mercy
Merciful Prayer: Prayers for Mercy for the world.


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