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Yes, the Sacred Heart of Jesus loves us. It loves us infinitely more than do all the angels and saints together, more than even we can love ourselves; it loves us to excess.

And indeed, what an excess of love, to love us from all eternity so that He has never been an instant without loving us, and has always loved us at the same time, and with the same love with which He has loved His Father in eternity.

Again, what an excess to love us to such an extent as to become man for us, to live for our sakes so laborious a life, and lastly to die for us on the arms of the cross; so that He has loved us more than His honour, more than His repose, more than His life!

Finally, what excess to remain for love of us in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, day and night; so that thirty-three years entirely devoted to our salvation did not suffice for the Heart of Jesus; He must remain with us in the tabernacle for nineteen centuries. What do I say? He takes the form of bread and wine, in order to be our food, and to contract the closest possible union with each one of us.

How many things are explained by these words: God can do all. “But”, says a holy man, “if you ask me how it can come to pass that God should love such a miserable creature as man, and love him to such a degree, I confess that I have no answer to give, and that it is a truth beyond my comprehension.”

– Laverty&Sons (eds), 1905

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O Eucharistic Heart, O Sovereign love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hast instituted the august Sacrament in order to dwell here below in our midst, in order to give to our souls thy Flesh as food, and thy Blood as drink; we believe firmly, Lord Jesus, in that supreme Love which has caused thee to institute the Most Holy Eucharist.

Here before this Victim, it is just that we should adore this Love, that we should acknowledge and exalt it as the life-giving centre of thy Church. This Love urges us to approach thee. Thou seemest to say to us: “Behold how I love you! In giving you My Flesh to eat and My Blood to drink, I desire by this close relation to awaken your love and to unite you to Myself. I wish to effect the transformation of your souls into that of your crucified Saviour, Who is the Bread of eternal life. Give me then your hearts, have life by living in Me, and you will live in God.”

We recognise, O Lord, that such is the call of thine Eucharistic Heart. We thank thee, and we are ready – yes, we will respond to it. Grant us the grace that we may be fully penetrated with thy sovereign Love, by which, on the eve of thy Passion, thou didst invite us to partake and to eat of thy Sacred Body. Imprint deeply in our inmost souls the firm resolve to respond faithfully to this invitation. Grant us the devotion and reverence necessary to honour and receive worthily the gift of thine Eucharistic Heart, bestowed as a last mark of thy Love.

May we thus be enabled by thy grace to celebrate effectually the remembrance of thy Passion, to repair our offences and coldness, to nourish and increase our love for thee, and to keep for ever alive in our hearts the seed of a blessed immortality. Amen.

[Three hundred days Indulgence every time when recited before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. A Plenary Indulgence if recited once a day for an entire month, together with at least half an hour spent in adoration once a week before the Blessed Sacrament under the usual condition of Confession and Communion. These Indulgences are applicable to the souls in Purgatory. (Rescript June, 1902.)]

– From: St Anthony’s Treasury, 1916


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I firmly believe with my heart and confess with my lips that thou, my loving Jesus, equal to the Father in power and majesty, art really and truly present in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, and, with thy Divinity and thy Humanity, abidest for me in this sanctuary.

Thou who didst weep as an infant in the crib, Who wast offered a Victim for me on the Cross. Who sittest as my intercessor at the right hand of the Father, Who wilt come as my Judge in the clouds of heaven – dwellest a hidden God in the narrow limits of the tabernacle and concealest under the humble form of bread.

Thy Flesh and thy Blood, thy Body and thy Soul, thy Divinity and thy glorified Humanity, thy splendour and thy boundless Majesty, I believe this on the authority of thy word as firmly as if I saw it with my eyes. Animated by this faith, I cast myself before thee, and adore thee as my Creator, my Redeemer, my greatest Good. In this faith will I live and die; quicken and increase this virtue in me.


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Take ye and eat, for this is my Body which is given you, for today, tomorrow, and every day, even to the end. You will die, but the Eucharist will not die with you; you will leave it to the generations which will succeed you. The centuries will pass, one after another, but the Eucharist will remain, to console the dying, to nourish youth – for ever!

Always the same, always young, powerful, efficacious, always amiable, forceful, and vivifying; containing in itself the past, that is, Jesus the Eternal Word, and Jesus the Son of Mary – the present, the grace and supernatural life of the Church, – the future, that is, the glory of the reign of Christ, the seed of the resurrection, and the prize of a happy eternity – for ever!

– P. Tesnière


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At every Mass [the soldier of Mary] assists, if possible, he will receive Holy Communion, knowing that this partaking, with the priest, in the Flesh of the Infinite Victim, is essential if he wishes to gather the fruit of the Sacrifice in all its fullness. The Mystical Body of Christ is starving because so few of its members are nourished with the Divine Bread; the Mother of that Body is filled with anguish at the contemplation of Her Babe thus suffering. The members, inspired by Mary’s spirit and sharing the anguish of Her Immaculate Heart, will avail themselves of every avenue of apostolic action to arouse love of the Blessed Sacrament and banish sin. Each Communion brought about is a gain that cannot be measured according to human standards.

Each Communion is a gain that cannot be measured according to human standards

The Child of Mary shows his love of the Blessed Sacrament by striving to receive Holy Communion often, thus giving to those outside the Fold a glimpse of the infinite Treasures that are within. Through his own devotion, he becomes supernaturally convinced of the full significance of the Real Presence as the continuation of the earthly life of the God-Man [our Lord Jesus Christ], drawing Him in actual fact out of the dim past of history and bringing Him, as He is, whole and entire, into the sphere of this present life. Thus convinced, he makes every effort to pass on that conviction to those who have it not. He tries to make them realise that, through the miracle of the Eucharist, they are able to touch Jesus, talk to Him, contemplate Him, and busy themselves about His real self even more truly, more intimately and more closely than could His dear friends at Bethany.

– Excerpts from “Holiness Through Mary” by Fr Francis Ripley, copied from a pamphlet by the Universal Rosary Association. For the Association’s details, please visit the link above (Part I)

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As Easter dawned, the inhabitants of the small village of Blanot, near Autun in southern France, looked forward to the first Mass of Easter Sunday. It had been a particularly hard winter and it was still very cold, but the church was full of the faithful celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord.

Celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus

It was customary at that time for the altar rail, which separated the sanctuary from the rest of the church, to have a cloth placed on it at the time of the Eucharist.

This was done by Thomas Caillot and Guyot Besson and the people then placed their hands beneath the linen as they waited for the priest, Hughes de la Baume, to give them Communion.

One of the last recipients was Jacquette d’Effour, but she did not manage to get the entire Host in her mouth and a fragment broke off, falling on the cloth which covered her hands.

The priest did not notice anything at first

The priest had not noticed this but Caillot had and, as la Baume was about to return the Ciborium to the Tabernacle, Calliot made the priest aware of what had happened. But, when he looked at the cloth, what he saw was not the broken Host but a spot of blood, exactly the same size as the piece of broken Host.

What’s more, the blood had not actually penetrated the cloth, it appeared to be sitting on top of the material, more like a mound of blood than a stain.

At the end of the Mass, the cloth was taken into the Sanctuary and the priest began washing it. It was claimed that he did this several times but the ‘stain’ would not wash out, in fact, it grew larger and the water in the bowl he used became blood-red in colour. The priest then cut the area which had become stained from the larger cloth.

What happened next?

Exactly what happened next is not clear. One story relates that the miraculous cloth was placed in the Monstrance and shown to the people who remained in the church with the priest telling them, “Good people, you can believe it. This is truly the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Notwithstanding my having giving it a good washing and scrubbing, there was no way of separating it from the cloth.” Another version states that the cloth was put in the Monstrance and placed in the Tabernacle straight away.

Strangely, although word of the ‘miracle’ had spread rapidly around the area, it was more than a fortnight before Jean Jarossier, Bishop of Autun, went to Blanot, accompanied by a retinue of priests and an Apostolic Notary who were to help him in determining the authenticity of the happenings there.

The Hosts were carefully preserved

Father de la Baume introduced the eye witnesses before the committee and they described in detail the events of that Sunday morning 1331. At the end of the inquiry, the committee unanimously agreed that “the Lord has visited the people of Blanot in a special way, through a Eucharistic Miracle.”

The Bishop sent the details to Pope John XXII who then bestowed indulgences on those who celebrated Mass in the church of Blanot. For some reason, which has never been explained, the Hosts that remained in the Ciborium after that Easter Mass were never used but carefully preserved. In 1706, three hundred and seventy-five years later, they were carried around the area of Blanot in a silver casket in a five hour procession to celebrate the anniversary of the miracle.

When the then Bishop of Autun decided, some years later, that the cloth should be examined, it was found to be perfectly preserved, the threads had not disintegrated over four hundred years and the colour of the Blood was “rich red.”

Hundreds of years later…

Until the start of the  French Revolution, regular processions and commemorative observances were held, but during the Revolution, the church itself was the target of a group intent on desecrating any church they came across.

Just after Christmas of 1793, they burst into the building and took the bloodstained cloth, by this time encased in a crystal tube, from the Tabernacle. Fortunately, they decided it was of “little value” though they caused damage to the fabric of the builing.

To avoid any possible future damage, the relic was entrusted to Dominique Cortet for safe keeping. Unfortunately the tube was cracked at both ends whilst under his protection, one end accidentally damaged whilst it was hidden in a drawer and the damage to the other end caused accidentallycby the village priest at the time.

After the Revolution, the relic was returned to the church once more. Later a new tube was designed for it and this was placed in an Ostensorium, on the base of which can be seen four enamelled pictures telling the story of the Sacred Pall (cloth) of the Blanot Miracle.

Also in the church is a plaque detailing, in French, the events of Easter 1331, and on Easter Monday the relic is solemnly exposed in the church, much to the joy of the people.

– This article by Margaret Smith was published in Ireland’s Own, issue no. 5,337, April 20, 2012. For subscription details, please email [external link]

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Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.


God, the Father of Mercy, – have mercy on us. (repeat after each line)

God the Son, Mediator between God and man,

God the Holy Spirit, Enlightener of hearts,

Holy and undivided Trinity,


O Sacred Host! Victim of reparation for the sins of the world,

O Sacred Host! Immolated on the altar for us and by us,

O Sacred Host! Despised and neglected,

O Sacred Host! Outraged by the blasphemies of men,

O Sacred Host! Neglected and abandoned in your temples, – have mercy on us.


Be merciful unto us, – spare us, O Lord.

Be merciful unto us, – hear us, O Lord.


For so many unworthy Communions, – we offer You our reparation, O Lord.

For the irreverence of Christians,

For the continual blasphemies of the impious,

For the infamous discourses made in Your holy temples,

For the crimes of sinners,

For the sacrileges which profane Your Sacrament of Love,

For the coldness of Your children,

For their contempt of Your loving invitations,

For the infidelity of those who call themselves Your friends,

For the abuse of Your grace,

For our unfaithfulness,

For our delay in loving You,

For our tepidity in Your holy service,

For Your bitter sadness at the loss of souls,

For Your long waiting at the door of our heart,

For Your loving sighs,

For Your loving tears,

For Your loving imprisonment,

For Your loving death, – we offer You our reparation, O Lord.


That You spare us, that You hear us, – we sinners beseech You, hear us.

That You will make known Your love for us in this Most Holy Sacrament, –

That You will vouchsafe to accept our reparation, made in the spirit of humility, – we sinners beseech You, hear us.


Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world, – spare us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world, – hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world, – have mercy on us, O Lord.


(With Ecclesiastical Approbation – Archdiocese of Chicago)

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The Eucharist! This is the greatest gift of the most generous Heart of Jesus. It is a gift of such magnitude, that though He is omnipotent, He could not have given us a greater one; though He is infinitely rich, He could not have given us more, since He has given us all of Himself.


This is the most prestigious invention of His sagacious love and of His loving wisdom. It is the miracle of miracles, the mystery of mysteries, through which He who is forever in heaven, is also with us forever on earth, becoming the true life in life, the true soul in souls and the true heart in hearts. It is the sign of the love of Jesus, which the Church tells us was born and became man’s companion; in the Blessed Sacrament He became our food, on the cross became man’s redeemer and in heaven becomes his prize! Christian, learn to appreciate this immense treasure, whose holiness all the saints have loved; this sea of all that is good, this heaven on earth.




Through the Eucharist the Heart of Jesus is present like a loving father in the midst of his children, like an amorous bridegroom drawing near to the bride and like a faithful friend walking with his friends. Herein is contained the Heart of Jesus, with all its flames of love, with all the graces of His mercy, with all the infinity of its merits. By this method He sends His chosen ones heavenly light, divine inspiration, holy ardour and gentle comfort. Herein the marvels of His infinite charity are worked in the most secret and intimate places. Herein He speaks to, works with, teaches and forms the saints.




Days, months, years and centuries pass, but in the Eucharist the Sacred Heart, despite all the immeasurable ingratitude, has never stopped beating for us. Come, unite yourself to the Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, stop often and long to visit Him. Make it a habit to keep Him company, talking to Him while He stands among the angels who, bowing, surround His altar. If He is a prisoner out of love for you, so you should be a prisoner out of love for Him, and in this sweet prison of love, you will find the freedom of the children of God.

– Mons. Nicola Tafuri


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• “The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, together with His Soul and Divinity, under the appearances of bread and wine.

• The bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ by the power of God, to whom nothing is impossible or difficult.

• The bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ when the words of consecration, ordained by Jesus Christ, are pronounced by the priest in Holy Mass.

• Christ has given himself to be the life and the food of our souls. ‘Whoever eats me will draw life from me’; ‘Anyone who eats this bread will live forever’ (John 6:58, 59).

• Christ is received whole and entire under either kind alone.

• In order to receive the Blessed Sacrament worthily it is required that we be in a state of grace and keep the prescribed fast: water does not break the fast.

• The Blessed Eucharist is not a Sacrament only, it is also a sacrifice.

• The Holy Mass is one and the same sacrifice with that of the Cross, inasmuch as Christ, who offered himself, a bleeding victim, on the Cross to his heavenly Father, continues to offer himself in an unbloody manner on the altar, through the ministry of his priests.”
– Penny Catechism


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“This heart, in tabernacle small, beats for us
and lingers mysteriously hidden there
in that circle, still and white.

That is your royal throne, O Lord, on earth,
visibly for us by you erected.
You are pleased whenever I draw near.

You lower your gaze, full of love, into my eyes,
leaning your ear to my softly spoken words,
and filling with peace the depths of my heart.

But your love remains unsatisfied with this exchange;
we are still left separate,
you heart longing for more.

Each morning, you come to me – my early meal;
your flesh and blood become my food and drink
and something wonderful takes place.

Your body, mysteriously, penetrates mine;
your soul unites itself with mine:
I am no more what once I was.

You come and go, but the seed remains behind,
sown by you for future glory,
hidden in a body of dust.

In the soul, a spark of heaven remains;
in the eyes, a deep radiance that never fades away;
and in the voice, a soaring, lilting tone.

A band remains, that binds us heart-to-heart:
the life stream flowing out from you,
giving life to every member.

How marvellous, the wonders of your love –
surpassing thoughts and words!
Filled with awe, we stammer and fall silent.”
– Edith Stein


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