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O day of triumph!

The Resurrection (First Glorious Mystery)

“O day of triumph for the Saviour! O day of joy for all the faithful. I adore you from my heart, O Jesus, triumphing over death. Truly, this day is your Passover, that is to say, your passing, in which you pass from death to life. Give us the grace, O Lord Jesus, to make our Pasch with you, passing to a new and holy life.

The world passes, but I do not wish to pass with the world; I wish to pass to my Father. This is the journey, which I have to make, I wish to make it with you.

In the ancient passover, the Jews who went forth from Egypt in order to go to the Promised Land, had to appear in the garb of travellers, with staves in their hands, and to hasten to eat the Pasch, so that they might be ready to set out at any moment.

This is the state in which the Christian soul should place himself, in order to make his passover with Jesus Christ. O my Saviour, receive your traveller, behold me here, ready: I desire to pass with you from this world to your Father, since you have wished that he should be my Father also.

My Saviour, I believe that you have not overcome death for yourself alone. You have overcome it for us, who believe in you.

I adore you, O Jesus, my Redeemer. I adore you, O Jesus, come to life again, for yourself and for all your followers, whom you have filled with your spirit, which is the spirit of eternal life.

You have submitted to death, in order that death might be conquered, and Satan disarmed, and in order to set free those whom the fear of death held in a perpetual slavery. Let us, my soul, appreciate these words of our Saviour, which rob death of all its terrors: ‘I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, even though he were dead, shall live; he who lives and believes in me, shall never die.’

I believe it, Lord, it is so; my sole Redeemer, I adore you.

O Jesus, you are, according to your word, ‘my resurrection and my life.'”

– Bossuet


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