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“Mother of silence, who watches over the mystery of God, save us from the idolatry of the present time, to which those who forget are condemned. Purify the eyes of pastors with the eye-wash of memory: Take us back to the freshness of the origins, for a prayerful, penitent Church.

Mother of the beauty that blossoms from faithfulness to daily work, lift us from the torpor of laziness, pettiness, and defeatism. Clothe pastors in the compassion that unifies, that makes whole; let us discover the joy of a humble, brotherly, serving Church.

Mother of tenderness who envelops us in patience and mercy, help us burn away the sadness, impatience, and rigidity of those who do not know what it means to belong. Intercede with your Son to obtain that our hands, our feet, our hearts be agile: let us build the Church with the Truth of God.

Mother, we shall be the People of God, pilgrims bound for the Kingdom. Amen.

(Pope Francis)


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“1. The Heart of Jesus has removed every obstacle in order to draw to itself all hearts. Distance was an obstacle, and so He left His heavenly throne and came down to earth to be our brother and companion on our earthly pilgrimage. The difference in our natures was a barrier too, so He united in Himself the human and the divine nature, he lowered Himself from being God to being a man, in order to raise man up to God. Sin was like a wall that separated heaven from earth, so the Saint of saints took on the semblance of a sinner, to attract sinners and He won the victory over sin.

With all these obstacles having been removed, that most loving Heart became the celestial magnet to which all hearts are drawn. O, how many millions of hearts have been drawn to Him down the centuries? And O, how He is ever searching for more hearts, to attract them to His love and therefore to happiness!

Christian, remove the obstacles to the love of that divine Heart and let yourself be free to be attracted to Him. Why are you deaf to His heavenly invitations? Why do you oppose His loving plans? He gains nothing from you and loses nothing without you. With Him, you gain everything, and you lose everything if you are without Him. How then, is it that He calls you and you do not care?

II. Not content with having removed every impediment, Jesus has taken every possible form to attract all hearts to His Heart. He attracts us by becoming a baby in a stable, so tender, sweet and gracious that all the angels of heaven loved Him. He attracts us by becoming a young man in a workshop, subjected for thirty years to squalor, poverty and fatigue. He attracts us by showing himself for three years journeying, saving souls, doing much good and many miracles. He attracts us by showing Himself in chains, scourged, crowned with thorns and served with much humiliation and pain. He attracts us by showing Himself on the cross, with His head bowed to give us a kiss of tenderness, with arms wide open to give us mercy and with His Heart pierced, to give us a refuge of love. He attracts us by remaining with us always, hidden in the most Holy Sacrament of the altar.

And yet after all this, Christian, has He not done enough to attract your heart? Why is your heart so sensitive to all others save the One that loves you? How can you surrender to anyone who touches your heart and yet remain hard and ungrateful towards the most beautiful of all hearts?

III. Still not content, that Heart uses a thousand other artifices of wisdom and love to attract all hearts. O, how He Himself calls us with a light in our minds, or with an impulse of will, or through our conscience and the remorse we feel, or with a misfortune, or a moment of inner happiness! O how He calls us in a moment of silence or solitude, in church or at home, He asks us to mend our ways to become better at disregarding the false treasures of this time and work for true treasure in eternity!

O, Christian, if you do not feel how He loves you, you either have a heart of stone or none at all. Many times you have heard His call and have thrown these precious jewels in the mud. Obeying the call of that Heart, some have gone to the furthest reaches of the earth to preach its glory, others have renounced all power and greatness in this world to live consecrated to Him, to please Him others still have sacrificed their lives, yet you have not been able to make the smallest sacrifice for Him. And yet even now, after disdaining Him, He is not wearied by your ingratitude and invites you, and calls to you saying, ‘I am at the door of your heart and I knock, open to me, my bride, open to me, my sister, I want to make My home in you.’ Do you hear Him? Enough of being lukewarm then, and answer that Heart that ardently desires to effectively insure your good. Up with you! The Heart of Jesus, that invites you to see, will help you not to fall back into evil, but to go ever onward doing good. But woe to you if you resist Him still! You run the risk that He will abandon you, and to be abandoned by the Heart of Jesus is the same as being eternally lost.”
– Mons. Nicola Tafuri

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