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“The month of Mary is the month of A PROFOUND REFORM OF THE HEART: we must leave ourselves and adorn ourselves with every virtue and every spiritual good.

In the springtime plants are reborn to a new life; they are adorned with flowers full of perfume and attractive. My soul also needs to reflower in order to be full of virtue and peace!

In your Heart, O Mary, I will reflower as a lily because you are purity. In your love my coldness will be transformed into warmth because you are full of the flames of divine charity. In your hands I will find refuge because you are the Mother of mercy!

O Mary, O Mary, cast the glance of your goodness upon me! Even I am a little flower of heaven’s field… Cultivate me and speak to me, O Mary, because by your word I will draw life and love.

MARY: O my daughter [O my son], your mother is always ready to cultivate you provided that you treat me as a mother and not as a stranger. How many times you’ve been afraid of me, even while knowing that I am all loving! How many times have you virtually fled from me, so slack has your devotion been. Come to my heart and let it be a school of virtue for you since God himself has made me great for your good. Follow me faithfully, even if your soul feels arid and without any fervour. Confide your pains to me. Turn toward me because in this month I have so many treasures of grace to dispense and I give them to those who turn to my motherly heart with trust.

THE SOUL: O my good Mama, don’t you see what an ugly flower I am? I’m a withered flower, almost without leaves and without life… Help me! I entrust my soul to you that you might cultivate it and heal it… The bells of your temple are ringing for the feast, Mary, yet I groan with sluggishness. Your throne is rich with flowers, and my heart, which ought to be your throne, is so poor and devoid of everything!

O my Mother, while the plaintive harmony of these bells dissipates in the air, the groan of my poor heart reaches your Heart and moves it to have pity on me! I need grace because I am so miserable: ‘Maria mater gratiae, mater misericordiae tu nos ab hoste protege et mortis hora suscipe’ (Mary, mother of grace, mother of mercy, protect us from the evil one and receive us at the hour of death).”
– Don Dolindo Ruololo
• 1st MAY: ASPIRATION: O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
• LITTLE WORK: Accept with patience and calm the rudeness which comes your way.


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