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We hail thy Presence glorious,

O Christ our great High Priest,

O’er sin and death victorious,

At thy thanksgiving feast;

As thou art interceding

For us in heaven above,

Thy Church on earth is pleading

Thy perfect work of love.


Through thee in every nation

Thine own their hearts upraise,

Offering one pure Oblation,

One Sacrifice of praise:

With thee in blest communion

The living and the dead

Are joined in closest union,

One Body with one Head.


O Living Bread from heaven,

Jesus, our Saviour good,

Who thine own self hast given

To be our souls’ true food;

For us thy body broken

Hung on the Cross of shame:

This Bread its hallowed token

We break in thy dear name.


O stream of love unending,

Poured from the one true Vine,

With our weak nature blending

The strength of life divine;

Our thankful faith confessing

In thy life-blood outpoured,

We drink this Cup of blessing

And praise thy name, O Lord.


May we thy word believing

Thee through thy gifts receive,

That, thou within us living,

We all to God may live;

Draw us from earth to heaven

Till sin and sorrow cease,

Forgiving and forgiven,

In love and joy and peace.

– Bishop R. G. Parsons, 1882-1948


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One and the same unseen spiritual principle

“This then is the special glory of the Christian Church, that its members do not depend merely on what is visible, they are not mere stones of a building, piled one on another, and bound together from without, but they are one and all the births and manifestations of one and the same unseen spiritual principle or power, ‘living stones’, internally connected, as branches from a tree, not as parts of a heap. They are members of the Body of Christ. That divine and adorable form, which the Apostles saw and handled, after ascending into heaven became a principle of life, a secret origin of existence to all who believe, through the gracious ministration of the Holy Ghost… So that in a true sense it may be said, that from the day of Pentecost to this hour there has been in the Church but one Holy One, the King of kings, and Lord of lords himself, who is in all believers, and through whom they are what they are; their separate persons being but as separate developments, vessels, instruments, and works of him who is invisible.”

(Bl. John Henry Newman; from ‘We are members of Christ and members one of another’, P.S. IV, 170)


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