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Bless doctors and nurses and all who work in our hospitals so that their medical skills and human care may assist those suffering weakness and ill-health.

May those in prison and separated from their loved ones experience the joy of your love for them.

Grant me patience and understanding, sympathy and tolerance with all those who cross my path and make demands upon my time.

May the Church suffering in purgatory be prepared quickly for the fullness of redemption and come to see God face to face in heaven.

May those charged with world affairs be granted right judgement to further the cause of justice and peace on earth.

Grant labourers to your Church so that the harvest may be gathered. May vocations to the priesthood and religious life be found and nurtured.


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I pray for the homeless and those in want of shelter. May they receive the help they need.

May married couples grow in true love through both the joys and the anxieties, the happiness and the sadness of their lives.

I pray for those who experience the distress and anguish of a broken home. Furnish their lives with love and hope and faith.

May children who live in unhappy homes be protected by the power of the angels from harm and evil.

Bless all widows and widowers. Support them, Lord, in the midst of the absence of the one they love.

Look down with favour upon those who govern us. Grant them right judgment to mould society to reflect your goodness.

Grant your grace to all who teach and learn in our schools. May the pursuit of knowledge lead to that wisdom that comes down from heaven.


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Almighty and ever living God,
in whose hands are the rights and hopes of everyone,
look graciously on those who govern,
that in lasting peace
they may promote social progress
and religious freedom
for all the nations on earth.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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