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I cry thee mercy, Lord, for all false heretics, and for all mis-believers, for all false tithepayers, thieves, adulterers, and all common women, and for all mischievous livers. Lord, for thy mercy, have mercy upon them, if it be thy will, and bring them out of their misbehaviour the sooner for my prayers.

I cry thee mercy, Lord, for all those that are tempted and vexed by their ghostly enemies, that thou, of thy mercy, will give them grace to withstand their temptations, and deliver them there-of, when it most pleaseth thee.

I cry thee mercy, Lord, for all my ghostly fathers, that thou vouchsafe to spread as much grace in their souls as I would that thou didst in mine.

I cry thee mercy, Lord, for all my children, ghostly and bodily, and for all the people in the world, that thou make their sins to me by true contrition, as it were my own sins, and forgive them as I would that thou forgive me.

I cry thee mercy, Lord, for all my friends and all mine enemies, for all that are sick, especially for all lepers, for all bedridden men and women, for all that are in prison, and for all creatures that, in this world, have spoken of me either good or ill, or shall do so unto the world’s end.

Have mercy upon them, and be gracious to their souls as I would that thou wert to mine.

– The Book of Margery Kempe (modernised text 1936)


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Bless doctors and nurses and all who work in our hospitals so that their medical skills and human care may assist those suffering weakness and ill-health.

May those in prison and separated from their loved ones experience the joy of your love for them.

Grant me patience and understanding, sympathy and tolerance with all those who cross my path and make demands upon my time.

May the Church suffering in purgatory be prepared quickly for the fullness of redemption and come to see God face to face in heaven.

May those charged with world affairs be granted right judgement to further the cause of justice and peace on earth.

Grant labourers to your Church so that the harvest may be gathered. May vocations to the priesthood and religious life be found and nurtured.


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O prisoner-saint of Auschwitz, dear St Maximilian Kolbe, help me in my plight. Introduce me to Mary, the Immaculata, Mother of God. She prayed for Jesus in a Jerusalem jail. She prayed for you in a Nazi prison camp.

Ask her to comfort me in my confinement. May she teach me always to be good. If I am lonely, may she say: “God is here.” If I feel hate, may she say: “God is love.” If I am tempted, may she say: “God is pure.” If I sin, may she say: “God is mercy.” If I am in darkness, may she say: “God is light.” If I am unjustly condemned, may she say: “God is truth.” If I have pain in soul or body, may she say: “God is peace.” If I lose hope, may she say: “God is with you all days, and so am I.” Amen.

Our Father…, Hail Mary…, Glory be…


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“…he wrote to three of the prisoners. They all replied, saying how much his letter had meant to them and how pleased they were to have their voices heard beyond the prison walls…”

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“LifeLines supports and befriends prisoners on Death Row throughout the United States, through letter writing. It is the first organisation of its kind, established 25 years, and has spread both nationally and internationally, with members all over the world. LifeLines urgently seeks pen friends for many waiting prisoners.

If you think you have the time and the commitment, please visit the website (external link) to join or for more information.” Thank you.


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Lord Jesus, have mercy on all prisoners incarcerated for their crimes against humanity. I pray that you will grant them your Divine Mercy, remembering your great act of Divine Mercy, as you expired on the cross, to a criminal who repented and expressed his faith in you, and through your conversion prayer given to Blessed Faustina, I beg you to come into the lives of these poor prisoners I pray for now, especially those who are about to be executed for their crimes.

If they truly repent and show faith in you, I pray that the last words they will hear in their final agony will be those that you uttered to Dismas: “This day you will be with me in Paradise.” Amen.

Now say the Conversion Prayer inviting Jesus into the life of a prisoner who needs this prayer: “O Blood and water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in you.”


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R. Have mercy on us, Lord,
and look on us.

1. Do not hold the guilt of our fathers against us.
Let your compassion hasten to meet us
for we are in the depths of distress. (R.)

2. O God our saviour, come to our help,
come for the sake of the glory of your name.
O Lord our God, forgive us our sins;
rescue us for the sake of your name. (R.)

3. Let the groans of the prisoners come before you;
let your strong arm reprieve those condemned to die.
But we, your people, the flock of your pasture,
will give you thanks for ever and ever.
We will tell your praise from age to age. (R.)


Alleluia, alleluia!
When anyone obeys what Christ has said,
God’s love comes to perfection in him.


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“A soldier who never fired a gun, but who used a stronger weapon – love.”

“Three weeks ago in the White House, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honour posthumously to a Roman Catholic Priest, Fr Emil Kapaun. Fr Emil was born in 1916 in Kansas, his parents being Czech immigrants. After finishing his seminary training at Kenrick Theological Seminary he was ordained a priest in 1940. After a short appointment as auxiliary chaplain at Herington Army Airfield, Fr Emil then worked as a parish pastor until joining the Army as a military Catholic Chaplain in Georgia. He then worked in India and served in Burma. After leaving the army Fr Emil undertook further studies and then re-joined the army as a Catholic Chaplain in 1948. In 1950 he was stationed in Japan and then moved to Korea, at the time of the Korean War.

His Medal of Honour citation tells his brave story in this War. Here are some of the words in his citation:

‘Fr Kapaun moved fearlessly from foxhole to foxhole under direct enemy fire in order to provide comfort and reassurance to the outnumbered soldiers. He repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to recover wounded men, dragging them to safety. When he couldn’t drag them, he dug trenches to shield them from enemy fire. As enemy forces closed in, Fr Kapaun rejected several chances to escape, instead volunteering to stay behind and care for the wounded. He was taken prisoner by the enemy forces on November 2nd 1950. After he was captured, Fr Kapaun and other prisoners were marched for several days northward toward prisoner-of-war camps. During the march Fr Kapaun led by example in caring for injured soldiers, refusing to take a break from carrying the stretchers of the wounded while encouraging others to do their part.

Once inside the dismal prison camp Fr Kapaun risked his life by sneaking around the camp after dark, foraging for food, caring for the sick, and encouraging his fellow soldiers to sustain their Faith and their humanity. On at least two occasions Fr Kapaun was brutally punished for his disobedience, and being forced to sit out in sub-zero temperatures without any clothes… Fr Kapaun openly flouted his captors by celebrating a sunrise service on Easter morning. When Fr Kapaun began to suffer from the physical toll of his captivity, the enemy guards transferred him to a filthy unheated room. As he was being carried away, knowing that he would certainly die from neglect, he asked God’s forgiveness for his captors and made his fellow prisoners promise to keep their Faith. Chaplain Fr Kapaun died alone on 23rd May 1951…

His extraordinary courage, faith and leadership inspired thousands of prisoners to survive hellish conditions, resist enemy indoctrination and retain their Faith in God.’ … The Catholic Church has already declared Fr Emil Kapaun a ‘Servant of God’, the first step to possible canonization.”
– From: “Spiritual Thought of Fr Chris”


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