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“Nothing gives more loving peace to the soul than complete surrender in the hands of God.” (Mother Soledad Sanjurjo Santos)

“Mother Soledad Sanjurjo Santos, Servant of Mary, Minister of the Sick, was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, November 15, 1892, being baptised in what is known today as Cathedral of Saint Philip the Apostle. After entering the Congregation of the Servants of Mary in Rio Piedras in 1909, she professed in Madrid, Spain, in 1913. Her religious life was distinguished by her unconditional delivery to the sick and by her pledge in extending the apostolic work of the Servants of Mary in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. She died holy in San Juan, PR in April 23, 1973.


Merciful Father, who through Mother Soledad has revealed the fullness of grace contained in a life hidden with Christ in God, we beg thee to grant us the faith that filled and transformed the life of Mother Soledad, so that like her, we may discover your presence in our lives, and thus we may be able to consecrate ourselves fully in your name to the service of our brothers and sisters, especially of those who are most in need. We ask you to glorify your faithful Servant and grant us the grace we ask through her intersection (make your petition), for your greater glory and the edification of the Church. Amen.

(The ‘Our Father’, the ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Glory…’)

In agreement with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII we declare that we do not intend to anticipate the judgment of the ecclesiastical authorities and that the purpose of this prayer is not for public worship in churches.

For further information, report graces obtained, to send letters or donations, please contact:

Curia Provincial
Siervas de Maria Ministras de los Enfermos
HC-02 Box 13960 Bo. Navarro
Gurabo, PR 00778-9615

(With Ecclesiastical License)”


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