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St Comgall – Feast Day: May 10

O glorious St Comgall! from thy throne of light in Heaven, look down on the still favoured children of the Celtic race. Though for centuries persecution almost quenched the light of learning amongst them, yet it never dimmed the light of that faith, which, with other Irish Saints, thou didst preach to them.

Pray on, dear Saint, for them that in these later, happier days, faith and knowledge, hand in hand, may continue to throw a lustre over thy scattered race, so that when the last clouds of oppression shall have passed away for ever, the holy Ireland of the future may not be less holy or less glorious than the Ireland which thou didst bless from Bangor’s shore.

Holy St Comgall, pray for us!


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Saint Lactinus (Lactean), Abbot +622

“A native of Ireland, Lactinus is said to have been instructed by his own guardian angel to enter the monastery of Bangor, which was then under the governance of its founder, Saint Comgall.

Guided by Comgall and the Bangor monk Saint Molua, Lactinus progressed in holiness and excelled in the study of the Holy Scriptures.

Comgall thereafter sent Lactinus to found new monasteries. Among these was the religious community later known as Freshford, in County Kilkenny, of which Lactinus became abbot.

In his spiritual life Lactinus was remembered for his constancy in keeping night watches of prayer and for the rigour of the fasting he imposed upon himself.

Numerous miracles are said to have been wrought by his prayers, including at least one instance of the dead being raised to life.

Following Lactinus’ death, his intercession was invoked particularly on behalf of those suffering from paralysis and victims of demonic possession. Traditionally Lactinus has been commemorated on 19th March.”


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