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The book of Tobias suggests that it is God’s Will to cure the maladies of mankind through the Angel whom He wished to call RAPHAEL. St John’s Gospel referring to the pool of Probatica, which in Hebrew is named Bethsaida, tells where the multitude of infirm and sick lay waiting for the moving of the water. “An Angel of the Lord would come down at certain times in the pool and the water was moved. The first to go down into the water after it was moved, was cured of whatever infirmity he had.”

The hymns in the Office of St Raphael recall the healing power of this Archangel and his victory over the demon. We ask him for health of body and soul. We are sick not only when we suffer from physical disease, but also when we suffer from pride, sensuality, spiritual discouragement, indifference to grace and lack of charity, courage and fervour in prayer.
Raphael never considers our cure complete until he has brought us the peace of God which surpasses understanding. If to that end a miracle is required, we may depend upon him to obtain it! ENTRUST YOUR PAINS AND ILLNESSES TO RAPHAEL! He will teach you why you suffer and knowing this will make your pain much more bearable. He leads us to the joy, light and strength of God. Never can you guess when Raphael will work. It is best to leave the manner of action to his wisdom.

A brother helped by a brother is a strong city. Raphael proves himself to be truly a brother to us, at times by his inspiration, at other times by direct intervention but, at all times, you will find him a tower of strength and a kindly light, especially in illness. The important task of bearing your cross will not quite be so difficult if you WALK WITH RAPHAEL!

St Raphael is the special patron of Youth. The Angel took the young Tobias under his special care and protected him from the many dangers that beset his journey in a strange country. He will help our youth in their struggles against the three greatest enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil. The decision of supreme importance in the life of a young man or woman is the choice of a lifetime helpmate. The consequences of this serious choice penetrate into the whole of their earthly life, even into Eternity.

Through Raphael, the young Tobias was led to his future bride, a young lady of rare beauty and high moral qualities. Just as he unites, so he separates individuals when it is a matter of wisdom and when their union would result in harm to their souls. Raphael will manage your affairs magnificently if only you will trust and obey him as Tobias did on his journey. Bring to him your difficulties, seek his help in earnest prayer and trust his guidance during the dangerous time of courtship to a happy marriage. St Raphael is the Angel of travel and the Angel of the Last Anointing. He will be with you to assist your soul as it makes its final journey from time to eternity.

“May Archangel Raphael, physician in care of our health, come down from Heaven and cure all those who are sick and help them to solve the difficult problems of life! Be with us, O Archangel, called the MEDICINE OF GOD; drive away diseases from our body and bring good health to our minds!”
– from “Dedicated Decades”, Winter 2012 issue. For subscriptions, please visit (external link)


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“I was interested to read that recently Pope Benedict visited a Home for the Elderly in Rome. He told residents there, ‘I come among you as the Bishop of Rome, but also as an elder on a visit to his peers.’

Looking back on his own life, the Pope called it a natural tendency in one’s old age to envy the ‘fresh energy’ of youth and all those plans for the future. The past can become ‘veiled with sadness’ if considered with remorse, the Pope told the group of seniors, but this is not what God wants.

‘In every age, we must be able to detect the presence and blessing of the Lord and the treasures it contains.

Do not ever be imprisoned with sadness!

We have received the gift of a long life. In our face there is always the joy of feeling loved by God and never sadness.’ The Pope directed the seniors’ attention to the Bible – in which longevity is considered a blessing from God – noting that elders were rightly honoured in the past.

But in the modern world ‘dominated by the logic of efficiency and profit’ the elderly are often pushed to the wayside, considered useless and left to loneliness. The Pope asserted, this is the mark of a deteriorating civilisation, since a community is defined by the way it treats its elderly members.

‘He who makes room for the elderly makes room for life! Whoever receives the elderly welcomes life!’ declared the 85 year old Pope. He also reminded the elderly that they have a special vocation to prayer, shattering the illusion that the elderly are non-productive members of society. At the end of his remarks, Pope Benedict called on all people to heed the ‘wisdom of life’ the elderly bear and support them with love and friendship.

…We have always valued our elderly parishioners. We ask them to pray for us and our parish. We rely on these prayers to make fruitful the work that we do for God. Also we echo the thoughts of Pope Benedict that our younger people should always respect the elderly and profit from the wisdom which they have accumulated over their many years of life experience. Perhaps the most memorable words Pope Benedict said in his speech were, ‘IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO BE OLD’.”
– from “Spiritual Thought from Fr Chris”


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