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+ In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

[50 days Indulgence; 100 days if made with holy water.]

Place yourself in the presence of God, and humbly adore Him.

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, now and forever. Amen.

I adore thee, O my Saviour Jesus Christ, and I give thee thanks for having, by thy sufferings and Death upon the Cross, redeemed the world. O thou, Who didst suffer so much for love of me, grant me mercy!

O my God, I adore thee with the most profound respect, and I love thee with all my heart, because thou hast created me, and done unto me all manner of good, and because thou art in thyself infinitely good and infinitely amiable. I adore and love thy infinite perfections, and beg of thee the grace to participate in them.

I am thine, O my God! because thou hast made me what I am. Grant that I may be wholly thine, and that having nothing in view but to love thee, I may do nothing that would be capable, not only of separating me eternally from thee, but of depriving me, even for the least moment, of thy holy love.

I cheerfully accept all the pain and misery which thou wouldst have me suffer in this life, because such is thy good pleasure, and because this cheerful acceptance will procure for me an eternal happiness; and as I would fain please thee in all my conduct, grant, O my God, that I may love all thou lovest, and hate all that displeases thee. It is thy desire, O good Jesus, that I love thee. Since, then, to merit thy holy love, it is necessary to lead a life conformable to that which thou didst lead while here on earth, grant me grace to enter into the practices of thy holy life, and to imitate thee in thy sufferings, so that I may be always inseparably united to thee.

Thank God for His graces and benefits

I thank thee, O my God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, for all the graces and blessings which thou hast been pleased to bestow upon me; for having given me life, for having preserved it till now; for having made me a Christian, and delivered me from my sins; and for all the special graces which, in thy bounty, thou hast this day conferred upon me.

Beg of God the graces we shall need during this night

I beg of thee, O my God, the continuation of thy bounties and thy graces to me, and above all that of dying happily; that is, to die in loving thee. I will then endeavour to prepare myself that I may not die unprovidedly, should it be thy will to take me this night out of this world; and as I know that sin infinitely displeases thee, and that I am filled therewith, I will endeavour from this moment to be cleansed therefrom, and offend thee no more. Give me, then, O my God, the light necessary to know my sins, and a true contrition that I may hate and never more commit them.

[Here examine your conscience.]

Beg pardon of God.

O my God, I most humbly beg pardon for all the sins which I have committed against thy Divine Majesty; my heart is overwhelmed with sorrow for them, and the cause of my sorrow is the consideration of thy goodness, the horror thou hast for my faults, the punishment which they deserve, and the state in which I am of not being able to perform adequate penance for them. Ah! my God, how have I been so wretched as to relapse so often into sin, after having always promised thee to change my life! I am covered with confusion at appearing before thee after so many relapses and infidelities; and were I not firmly convinced of the infinite greatness of thy mercy, I would hardly dare to hope for pardon for them.

I present myself then before thee, attracted by thy goodness, and wholly covered with the Precious Blood of Jesus, my Saviour, beseeching thee to acknowledge me as His servant, and to preserve me in thy holy grace. I assure thee that, notwithstanding all my evil inclinations and the disorderly affections of my heart, it is my desire to be wholly thine, to offend thee no more, and to make all the satisfaction I possibly can for my sins!

Beg of God to keep us this night in His holy love.

Preserve me, O my God while I wake, watch over me when I sleep, so that, having watched with Jesus Christ, I may repose in peace with thee!

Preserve me, O my God! from all sin during this night; enlighten my darkness by thy Divine Light, and in thy goodness keep me from all the snares which the devil, my enemy, might lay for me.

O my God! who hast prepared invisible treasures for those who love thee, diffuse through my heart the fire of thy holy love, so that loving thee in all things and above all things, I may obtain what thou hast promised me, which surpasses all that I could desire. This is what I ask of thee through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Abandon yourself entirely to God, and offer Him the repose you are about to take.

O my God, I offer myself wholly to thee, do with me what thou pleasest; my life is in thy power. If thou wilt take it from me, I offer it to thee; if thou leavest it with me I am satisfied: I abandon myself entirely to thy holy will.

I offer thee, O my God, the sleep I am going to take in honour of thy eternal rest, and in union with that which Jesus my Saviour took while on earth. Permit not, I beseech thee, that I should take this repose through a movement of pleasure or sensuality; but grant that it be in submission to thy holy will, and only through necessity, so that, having regained new strength, I may serve thee to-morrow with more fervour. I bless thee, O my God! for having put this interruption to my malice, which is so great while I am awake. I accept this repose as the image of thy peace, the re-establishment of my strength, the cessation of my sins, the warning of my death, and the figure of that repose which is enjoyed in heaven.

Pater (Our Father), Ave (Hail Mary), Credo (Apostles’ Creed), Hail Holy Queen, Prayer to St Joseph.


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(translated from the Irish)

May the will of God be done by us.

May the death of the Saints be won by us.

And the light of the Kingdom begun in us:

May Jesus, the Child, be beside my bed,

May the Lamb of Mercy uplift my head,

May the Virgin Mary her brightness shed,

And Michael be steward of my soul!


– St Anthony’s Treasury, Laverty & Sons, Leeds, 1916


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Lo! dim shadows of the night are waning;

Lightsome and blushing, dawn of day returneth;

Fervent in spirit, to the world’s Creator

Pray we devoutly:

That he may pity sinners in their sighing,

Banish all trouble, kindly health bestowing;

And may he grant us, of his countless blessings,

Peace that is endless.

This be our portion, God forever blessed,

Father eternal, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Whose is the glory, which through all creation

Ever soundeth. Amen.




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Maker of all, eternal King,

Who day and night about dost bring:

Who weary mortals to relieve,

Dost in their times the seasons give:


Now the shrill cock proclaims the day,

And calls the sun’s awakening ray,

The wandering pilgrim’s guiding light,

That marks the watches night by night.


Roused at the note, the morning star

Heaven’s dusky veil uplifts afar:

Night’s vagrant bands no longer roam,

But from their dark ways hie them home.


The encouraged sailor’s fears are o’er,

The foaming billows rage no more:

Lo! e’en the very Church’s Rock

Melts at the crowing of the cock.


O let us then like men arise;

The cock rebukes our slumbering eyes,

Bestirs who still in sleep would lie,

And shames who would their Lord deny.


New hope his clarion note awakes,

Sickness the feeble frame forsakes,

The robber sheathes his lawless sword,

Faith to the fallen is restored.


Look on us, Jesu, when we fall,

And with thy look our souls recall:

If thou but look, our sins are gone,

And with due tears our pardon won.


Shed through our hearts thy piercing ray,

Our souls’ dull slumber drive away:

Thy name be first on every tongue,

To thee our earliest praises sung.


All laud to God the Father be;

All praise, eternal Son, to thee;

All glory, as is ever meet,

To God the Holy Paraclete.

– From: An Approved English Translation of the Breviarium Romanum, Burns & Oates, London, 1964


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As fades the glowing orb of day,

To thee, great Source of Light, we pray;

Blest Three in One, to every heart

Thy beams of life and love impart.


At early dawn, at close of day,

To thee our vows we humbly pay;

May we, mid joys that never end,

With thy bright saints in homage bend.


To God the Father, and the Son,

And Holy Spirit, Three in One,

Be endless glory, as before

The world began, so evermore. Amen.


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Glory to thee, my God, this night

For all the blessings of the light;

Keep me, O keep me, King of kings,

Beneath thy own almighty wings.


Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son,

The ill that I this day have done,

That with the world, myself, and thee,

I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.


Teach me to live, that I may dread

The grave as little as my bed;

Teach me to die, that so I may

Rise glorious at the awful day.


O may my soul on thee repose,

And with sweet sleep mine eyelids close,

Sleep that may me more vigorous make

To serve my God when I awake.


When in the night I sleepless lie,

My soul with heavenly thoughts supply;

Let no ill dreams disturb my rest,

No powers of darkness me molest.


You, my blest guardian, whilst I sleep

Close to my bed your vigils keep;

Divine love into me instil,

Stop all the avenues of I’ll.


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow,

Praise him, all creatures here below,

Praise him above, ye heavenly host,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

– Bishop T. Ken, 1637-1711


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The sun is sinking fast,

The daylight dies;

Let love awake, and pay

Her evening sacrifice.


As Christ upon the Cross,

In death reclined,

Into his Father’s hands

His parting soul reclined,


So now herself my soul

Would wholly give

Into his sacred charge,

In whom all spirits live;


So now beneath his eye

Would calmly rest,

Without a wish or thought

Abiding in the breast,


Save that his will be done,

Whate’er betide,

Dead to herself, and dead

In him to all beside.


Thus would I live; yet now

Not I, but he

In all his power and love

Henceforth alive in me –


One sacred Trinity,

One Lord Divine,

Myself for ever his,

And he for ever mine!

– Sol praeceps rapitur

Tr. E. Caswall


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Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear,

It is not night if thou be near:

O may no earth-born cloud arise

To hide thee from thy servant’s eyes.


When the soft dews of kindly sleep

My wearied eyelids gently steep,

By my last thought, how sweet to rest

For ever on my Saviour’s breast.


Abide with me from morn till eve,

For without thee I cannot live;

Abide with me when night is high,

For without thee I dare not die.


If some poor wandering child of thine

Have spurned to-day the voice divine,

Now, Lord, the gracious work begin;

Let him no more lie down in sin.


Watch by the sick; enrich the poor

With blessings from thy boundless store;

Be every mourner’s sleep to-night

Like infant’s slumbers, pure and light.


Come near and bless us when we wake,

Ere through the world our way we take;

Till the ocean of thy love

We lose ourselves in heaven above.

– J. Keble, 1792-1866


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The sun is sinking fast,
The daylight dies;
Let love awake, and pay
Her evening sacrifice.

As Christ upon the Cross,
In death reclined,
Into his Father’s hands
His parting soul resigned,

So now herself my soul
Would wholly give
Into his sacred charge,
In whom all spirits live;

So now beneath his eye
Would calmly rest,
Without a wish or thought
Abiding in the breast,

Save that his will be done,
Whate’er betide,
Dead to herself, and dead
In him to all beside.

Thus would I live; yet now
Not I, but he
In all his power and love
Henceforth alive in me –

One sacred Trinity,
One Lord Divine,
Myself for ever his,
And he for ever mine!
(c.18th cent. Tr. E. Caswall)


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1. My Father, for another night
of quiet sleep and rest,
for all the joy of morning light,
your holy Name be blest.

2. Now with the newborn day I give
myself again to you,
that as you will so I may live,
and what you will may do.

3. In all I do, things great or small,
in all I speak or frame,
your glory may I seek in all,
do all in Jesus’ Name.

4. My Father, for his sake, I pray
your child accept and bless;
and lead me by your grace today
in paths of righteousness.
– Henry W. Balder


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